Chelsea FC formally launches soccer school in the Philippines

By Art Requiron· May 16, 2012

The Chelsea Soccer School in the Philippines was formally launched last Tuesday, perceived as a big step for the country’s football program.


InterAKTV/Roy Afable

Azkals star Phil Younghusband, who together with his brother James spearheaded the creation of the school in the country, said that the Chelsea Soccer School will develop new programs and facilities to develop more football players in the country.

It will be the third football school created by the English side in Asia with Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as the other sites.

“I’m proud and honored to have the Chelsea Soccer School here in the Philippines. It’s a milestone for Philippine football and I’m very proud to have this opportunity,” said Phil during the school’s formal launch at the SM Mall of Asia last Tuesday.

No less than Chelsea international development manager Ian Woodroffe and managing director for Asia Adrian New arrived in the country to meet with the Younghusbands and lay the groundwork for the soccer school.

For starters, Phil, a former reserve player of Chelsea, said that that they are currently in talks about the venue of the school with the playing field to be called as “Blue Pitch.”

“We can’t disclose right now but we are in close talks about the possible site of the school. We assure everyone that it will be accessible to everyone,” he said.

With the English side trying to make an imprint in the country’s football consciousness, Woodroffe didn’t downplay the possibility of bringing in Chelsea players and coaches in the Philippines.

“We have already brought players in Bangkok and Hong Kong in the past. This year, we will be in the United States and in 2013, we will be back in Asia. Maybe in 2015 after the World Cup, we will certainly look at the opportunity,” said Woodroffe.

The launch coincided with the graduation rites of the Younghusband Football Academy Summer Camp held recently.

Source: InterAKTV

  • Cristiano Rodrigo

    sagot po ba ng football club ang mga equipments na gagamitin? tulad po ng sapatos?? at pano po makakapag enroll?

  • Oliver Cayetano

    gusto ko pong mag enroll ng soccer ngaung summer paano ako makakapag enroll please help me

  • jhaynnie

    My son just enrolled in your football club team just apr 24, 2013 so he attended every session tues and thurs at 4pm everything went well, eventhough he maybe not the best player among other kids but his willingness to learn the skills for me looks like he was enjoying it but i know there’s a lot for him to learn that makes him humbled and being a team player to other kids and he enjoys it a lot and everytime i watched when they practice. But then when we noticed if there’s an event like trainer from different country who trained “other” players my son was not aware let’s say we are unaware. So i asked who managed who are the contact person, the person who’s name April said it was only who were selected who can join in their play, so for me that’s fine if that’s the rule, but then i looked at my son’s face that breaks my heart, april asked us didnt you received a text message? on the back of my mind i was thinking why would i asked you right now if i received any txt msg or something. The problem is how come i didnt received any apologized for this and then most of the time people who managed in their office don’t know what they are doing pls guys.. my son just wants to enjoy and play give him a chance. we are a big fan of phil and james younghusband, but the people who’s working in the office pls you also need to show care for your customers i know losing one customer is not a big deal for you guys because you have a tons of enrollees. Be more considerate pls.

    • angelmum777

      Were you referring to the Chelsea FC Foundation UK Pre-Summer Camp 2013 conducted by UK coaches held last March 25 to 27? If you were, then you can see that it happended before you enrolled your son. But if you were referring to the Adidas Chelsea FC Foundation Clinic held last June 5 and 6, 2013, then you should understand that there was a selection criteria for those who can join. This clinic was for free and those who were qualified and chosen participated. The child should’ve attended the Pre-Summer Camp last March, should be born 2001-2004, and who are players from u13 registered with Loyola Meralco Sparks before the 1st game in UFL Youth League Season. As you can see, I have three sons enrolled but only one was qualified to join. We have been with The Younghusband Football Academy for a couple of years now and the people who you mentioned as not knowing what they are doing, who don’t show they care and who are not considerate, are the ones taking care of my 3 sons and a lot of amazing young football players. They’re like family to us and I disagree with you. You cannot have your own way, as you please, even if it’s for your son. Maybe do your part in keeping yourself well informed next time so your son can have more opportunities, because that’s what I’ve been doing. Also, before finding fault in others, please know the whole picture first. It would be embarassing to demand for something that you’re not qualified for in the first place.

  • Cory

    Wow, moji’s here.. I used to coach him 5 or 6 yrs. ago.. He’s my best player.. Don’t know if he remembers me. hehe :)

  • Luis Quimpo

    How can I enroll?